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August 24, 2016

Oh 4 GOD'S SAKE NO ONE IS GOING TO BREAK ME!!IM not the PINK-PUSSY-CAT in the Comedy club anyway I watered down there bubbly drink's added some Viagra all sexed up thinking they were in Niagara Falls they were crying like babies my show got all washed up!!Sex crazies all fucked up!! No one will ever BREAK -ME!! But they can draw my bath if they can HANDLE ME??Bring it on sucker if u cant take me?? I am Pretty in Pink virgin!!If Madonna thinks she is going to Rain on my Bath she has another mouth of a flood coming! bloody-hot devil flooding my bath!!Is this the NEW PINK HOW ON EARTH did the devils come to visit me! Is this my pink curse! Let me sponge him off me bubble head it could be a-lot worse!!Maybe I should KEEP THINKING PINK eating up my word's like a sponge-cake and have someone break me into GOTH!!Maybe he's the man of the CLOTH SPIRITUAL God looking over my bathtub!!T'S ALL fun game like a sponge hard ball! Just clean up your act and Run!!No one can touch me.or break me I was born PINK LIKE LADY GA GA this is how they made me!!No one can tell me what to do smuckie!! Miss Ringwald is all ABOUT HAVING FUN!!!!Addicted to PINK-WATERMELON smuckie every-time he takes a juicy suds of a bite!He slips and hurts his big Sponge-bob!!What a mess he acts like PINK JOKER that's all folks pink Bugs Bunny SPITTING OUT the pits!!All washed up he looks what guts!!Pink Playboy bunnies mansion of pink sluts!! What a [prick] he throws his pits all over his pink belly roll!Road runner her pinky been in too many foreign places!Barbie too pink what a ding dong!!She was dressed down to her water fun thong!! Hey MOLLY u left a RING on the tub Ms Ringwald MOLLY it doesn't look PRETTY IN PINK??Molly went with friend Polly to pick up some ANIMAL CRACKER'S OF-COURSE THEY HAD TO BE PINK that pink parrot started yelling you fuck you watered down my Pink cracker's!!!Marx brother's went into the bath with there pink cigar's floating water thinking they were funny cool! Silly parrot ended up playing water pool with there big cocky cracker's!!Marx rapper RX MEDICINE MEN PINK PILLS GAVE THEM THE NASTY CHILLS IN THE WATER!!Brother Smuck PICK UP ARTIST HE STARTING GRABBING those pretty in pink babes took them to his bathroom quarter's playing nipple and suds like he was IN THE Cartoon Elmer Fud's!!THROWING HIS NASTY BATHROOM BOXERS WITH BABES OF TITS! SCRUB THAT BODY U SMUCK WITH ZIT'S!! Just pick up your artist friend and get out of here! I have an appointment with the BREAKFAST CLUB BAD BUBBLE HEADS! JAME'S DEAN TROUBLED WATER LIST IN SCHOOL they throw him in a pool STUPID SPONGE-BOB! That sponge got so worn out Pink Patrick went to christening ST PATRICKS WATER DAY 2 BE BLESSED! Dealing with Smuck's Let's think water caps on think PINK! Why IS MY LIFE TURNING so bloating stomach WONKA BLUE what did someone do to me?? No golden ticket BUT IT'S YOUR LUCKY DAY TURNED PINK!!Pink sky just a couple of sound's men talking and moaning like cricket's! Sex water toys how they love there gadget's!!! Why do we always swim 4 smuck's WATER! Getting to wet sponge-bob bad grunge reputation what an article! Bubble-WRAP-HER IN COOL pool shark TOWEL!Too many dirty scoundrel's let's squirt those squirrels!Men with the mobster hats came in with there bang hang water gun's if they think I am getting out of this TUB I will squirt them with my weapon built in water breast what a pump!!Water shrimp took a liking to those Pink suited pimps!!MY PINK GRAPE-FRUIT HOW IT SQUIRTED ON HIS MOON-PIE!!If this isn't funny I will just die!!!Erotic water boutique!GOT SO HOT they went down on one another they couldn't swim up!!!Got big view's with there men squirt er How it st tinged her and hurt her!!!! Squirt them right between there watered down baby blue killer eyes like a bullet how it hit my spot!Pink suit dumb mobsters I will make dinner 4 them with my cracking those lobster's I will blind there eye's!!!Screaming the lobster went straight in there eye's they cant see!! I NEED A blind folded flamingo BODY RUB!!!With my men how they love to drink and blow beer bubbles!JULIA PRETTY WOMEN here she com's wig turning blue like the water! Her singing better get in fuck-in order!!I will teach her a few trick's at the Estee Lauder New cosmetic line trouble in a bubble-eye's got watered! Crying bubble tears!!! I love Bubble's and FUN-PEOPLE bubbly laugh Don't get to soaked in the bath why didn't she put her head-phones on!She look's so uncomfortable skin getting pink and wrinkled!Cleaning off all her breakout and pimples! She has a secret spot what a butt with dimples!!Rub a dub Pink Dickie's the tub! Its just another bath what a hole in the wall! too many pink floyd rubber duckies!PRETTY WOMEN JULIA SINGS THROUGH HER MONEY FACE HOW RICHARD made her bath million fuck's worth it!!!Calling all call girl's opening up your leg's being smart bring that money on!!Taking it from a business man of a con!!Julia her wig on the run!! After a while they act like smuckies!! It's dripping down!I called the plumber but he is nowhere to be found!I don't want to be disturbed!Someone will be coming soon to show me his bubble-spray!I liked to spray him with it !That will fill the bath up then I don't have to worry about the water flowing! Or him he's always dripping.There are too many things people are selling like the light up toilet seat not putting on a light so stupid who really care's??Someone cannot put a light on why is it going to hurt there eyes! What babies also what about the new ROBO-TWIST if I needed a robot I would tell him to draw me a bath!Not to twist a cap off!If someone cannot open up a jar use your common sense put it under hot bubbly water! What are we retarded they think we are all kids blowing his bubble!! I have to get up!It's slippery and wet!Like I am in a dream being on a bubbly wet set!!I cannot see so what is the use of even having a Toilet light!I have this new jar Strawberry creamy bubble's I cannot open it maybe I should get that silly gadget!I'm so blind I have an appointment with Rubber dickie!Who would think he would be competing with ROBOT-BODY what a Bubble HEAD spray! I didn't see it I'm blind as a robot the bubbles are smelling good if I can picture Rubber-Dickie sending roses all he wants to see PINK-NUDE in different bubbles and poses!! I am blind but I can feel him Wow I felt it it was like Rubber baby!!!

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