Arlan Godthaab Arlan Godthaab

Arlan Godthaab

a farce in progress

Arlan Godthaab is a respected character actor with 10 independent feature films and over 100 productions to his credit. He came to acting late in life (age 60). Born into a working-class family in New Orleans, La., he was educated twelve years in the city's parochial schools, then, took up drag-racing with the then world champion, Don Garlits, before migrating to Southern California to begin college. After college, he entered the entertainment business for 25 years as a video editor, in search of early-retirement. Acting, per se, didn't interest Arlan, until after he had left the entertainment business. Now, he appreciates many of acting's aspects that overlap with aging, as a liberating part of life. "I've finally reached the point where, if I'm not particularly happy with who I am at the moment, I can get paid to be somebody else. Wish I'd have thought of that, decades earlier". Arlan is a born counter-puncher and true survivor, who looks to the future with intentions of stealing it.