The Art of the Deal The Art of the Deal

The Art of the Deal

A revenge fantasy for the 99%

Sorry, FOD. My "The Art of the Deal" has been in production since 2014! -- Three strangers in a more desperate near-future band together for a scheme of epic ramnifications: kidnap a politically connected billionaire in exchange for a healthy increase in the national minimum wage. Hard satire for dense tastes. -- ANDREW SCOTT THORP | BRIA ALLEN | JOHN MAGANA | SCOTT NEWMAN | ANTONIO BRUNETTI | RYAN CZERWONKO | EMMA BAKER | NAOMI MARK | R. SCOTT PURDY | ANGIE CAMPBELL | SARA CHANDLER | AMANDA CARSON | LAURA HORNE | created by GRANT HORNE -- 2016 grant hayden horne/NIGHTSANDWEEKENDS