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Hey y'all

Hi, my name is Beau Ratliffe. I am coming to you from a small city in Indiana called Evansville. This is the site for my videoblog that I have been doing for awhile now. I am gay, but don't let that keep you from getting to know me. From what I understand, in bigger cities gay people are more accepted...maybe someday I can move, but for now I am stuck in Evansville. Even though I am going through some tough times, I never let that get me down. You only get one life (or nine if you are a cat) so you better start living it. Due to a series of life events, some tragic, some not, I have found myself having to start from scratch. I don't have any friends, but I just moved into a haunted apartment house so the ghosts keep me company. I haven't met my neighbors, yet 'cause they kind of keep to themselves. There is a witch that lives next door to me. She hasn't cast a spell on me, yet. But I am sure it will happen any day now. I am going through lots of changes both physically and emotionally so it's good that I can share with you family don't really speak to me no more. You can friend me on the facebook, follow me on the tumblr or check out some of my many craft projects that are for sale on the ebay. I am always reachable by the e-mail Thank you for watching, ?BEAU

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