Anti-Humour Productions

A bird in hand is worth two in the bush

Anti-Humour Productions Anti-Humour Productions

A silly-sully comedic troupe that took true form in Fort Detroit, MI circa 1770 for the sole purpose of entertaining the Kings men during the remaining years of his oppression over the quaint, boyish colonies of the North Americas. The quartet became expeditiously notorious amongst the troops for their raunchy, unfathomable humor and bedraggled attire, as their clever wits and salacious charm were to go completely unnoticed throughout their tenor as the Kings jesters. Intelligible citizens throughout the land took heed to the advanced witticisms of the four mysterious jesters and soon placed a revolution of epic proportions in order, to save the troupe from the buffoonery of its low brow, redcoat oppressors. Plans fell through during the post-revolutionary period, as the four men, upon liberation, only indulged in libation, tomfoolery, and tasteless debauchery for several years straight. The leaders of the free world had determined the troupe were, in fact, mindless idiots and recoiled from the thought of these debauchers instigating explicit thoughts into the minds of the masses as they were soon thrown into prison. For over 200 years the group has stirred silently in federal prison for 3 counts of buffoonery and 2 counts tomfoolery and, in 2010, the case was repealed. RAJEproductionz lives on once again, with 200 years worth of foolish ideas to work with.