Another Day With You Another Day With You

Another Day With You

The story of a long marriage

Another Day With You is a 5 part original series staring Amy Goddard and Bob Clendenin, the weird guy from Cougar Town. Amy, who just finished shooting an episode for season 3 of Nathan for You, also produced, cast, costumed and catered this whole thing. Aided and financed by Emmy nominated writer/producer John Zinman of Friday Night Lights, The Blacklist. The Chicago Code and the forth coming film Gold staring Matthew McConaughey (because John's married to me that's why. And, yes, I'm very happy to use his reputation and his hard earned money to make my own stuff and get you to watch and I don't care what you think. I'm sick of him having all the glory.) Here you will find a act 1 of episode 5 of Another Day With You. Check back for more and enjoy.