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Anne Heller is a videographer and editor who has completed DVD extras for Code Red DVDs STUNTROCK and soon-to-be-released NIGHT WARNING as well as contributing footage to 42nd St. Forever's trailer compilation volume 6 (featuring trailers from the original Alamo Drafthouse collection). Some of her footage is used on ALL THE SINS OF SODOM (dir. Joe Sarno) DVD trailer. She also has much work currently on her youtube channel (, in addition to being a guitarist and theremin player in the experimental band Aurora Plastics Company ( She has completed three full-length music documentaries -- SOUND UNBOUND VOL. 1: DEVELOPMENTS IN LATE 20TH CENTURY JAZZ (2005), SOUND UNBOUND VOL. 2: MODERN AMERICAN COMPOSERS (2006) and SOUND UNBOUND VOL.3: BEAT POETRY AND JAZZ (2008), in addition to having directed, written, acted & edited several horror/comedy short films over the past 10 years. You can check out more of her videos at,, Austin Film Society's online PoV magazine,,,