Andrew Cahtah's funnies

Andrew Cahtah's funnies Andrew Cahtah's funnies

Andrew Carter is an up-and-coming actor/writer/director, and co-host of the podcast Is It Still Good, who tries to find humor in pretty much every situation. Whether it's on a date, at work or even at a (gulp) funeral, Andrew just enjoys making people laugh and entertaining them, never worrying about going too far because as long as people are laughing -- there's no such thing as too far. Actually, don't quote him on that. But maybe it's true? Find him on social media: @andrewcahtah on Facebook & Instagram, @stillgoodshow on Twitter. The "Cahtah" spelling of his moniker last name reflects his love for his New England upbringing & how some people back east (still) pronounce his last name.