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Amy Rodgers

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HEY THERE! im AMY and im from CANADA. i have the BEST FRIENDS in the whole wide WORLD. some of my frieds CONTROL the world and some of my friends LIVE in the world. every ay i eat something yummy like OREO'S and every day i something yucky like BROCOLLI. my BEST FRIENDS live in a place called ANTARTICA, these people are called PENGUINS, it is cold in ANTARTICA but luckily my penguin FRIENDS like the cold there, it isnt that COLD in CANADA, but sometimes it gets a little CHILLY, i like ICE. I like penguins because they told me the world will SOMEDAY be eaten by a GIANT MUSHROOM. my MAMMA says i sould listen to the penguins because they are VERY old and WISE. i think shes RIGHT. WHERE do BABYS come from? NITE NITE!