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Haven't been on here since i was 17.. I'm 20 now! lol um my bad ¯\_(?)_/¯

My name is Alaexzandria or Alaex 4 short. I'm 17!! (April 22nd) I live in Hesperia California. I'm a Junior in high school. I love Music, Fashion, & Dance ( just for fun =] ). I'm single and I'm looking for a guy who has a good personality, funny, cute, and likes me for who i am and not how i look. Is That You? I can Be a little shy & quiet sometimes but i open up more when we talk & hang out more. Im kinda short but so what?! I like romantic things like walking on the beach holding hands and stuff like that. chivalry isn't dead sometimes ya know? People most of the time call me smart so you know what I'm claiming it. I Am Smart lol. I don't really know how to talk about myself so if you want to know more Lets Talk =] O and hopefully i will have sum videos up soon so yeah ]