Ali MacLean Ali MacLean

Ali MacLean

Dorothy Parker trapped in a Breck Girl

Ali MacLean is a comedy writer and actor and TV & radio presenter known as Ali On The Air. She has been on-air talent, written, and produced for MTV, VH-1, ABC, Fox, Showtime, HBO, Indie 103.1 FM radio, Vlaze TV and Sirius Radio. Ali was a recurring player on HBO's Mr. Show and VH1's Ill-Ustrated and wrote for several TV comedies, including Kathy Griffin's So Called Reality, MTV's Celebrity Death Match, MTV's Buzzkill and VH1's Random Play. Her film short Media Whore was developed as a pilot by Saturday Night Live producers, Broadway Video. Her play, Tales of A Bleaknik, was staged by the HBO Workspace and went on to be a semi-finalist in the Chesterfield Screenwriters Competition and a finalist in the Independent Feature Project Competition. Her musings on Hollywood were published in the book American Dream by Nation Books. and a memoir based on her time behind the scenes in the music biz is forthcoming. Ali co-created the web series, Law Of The Land, for Syd Butler and David Cross's FKR TV. She is currently developing another show with Adult Swim and workshopping her character Astrid at the Comedy Central Stages.