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Hello. I'm just your average fangirl who tends to spend her time on a variety of different websites. Some of these include tumblr, livejournal, facebook, and twitter. I grew up on Star Wars, Indiana Jones, James Bond, Disney, and X-Men, as well as a variety of other films and television programs. I like comedy that is extremely random, especially spoofs/parodies of things I enjoy immensely. Sometimes I spend my free time writing or photo editing, while other times I just stare at my computer screen while thinking about all the things I should be doing. I like a wide range of films and television series. If you want to know about any of my preferences, contact me in some way. Bottom Line I enjoy Thunderbirds and if your name is Alan, this goes double. Livejournal inthegiggleloop Tubmlr alfredo-aldarisio

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