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Alfonzo Delafuenteh

passes the dutchie to the left hand side

Alfonzo Delafuenteh
Alfonzo Delafuenteh Alfonzo Delafuenteh

mEh name Alfonzo Delafuenteh at yoor homble servico. Things you need know bout meh 1) I have sex 103 times so far in life. 2) I like sex. 3) I love comedeh and joke. 4) I have many fans on Facebook but FaceCrook Mark Zuckerberg boot and kick me away from fans (he is fuckin asshole and dont know comedeh) 5) I have new pet ferret who no stop shit on couch. If anyone know what to do, please help. 6) I like cheeba 7) I no like dogs, because stupid dog beet me in comedeh competetion (yoo see in meh favorties) 8) I love meh fans, and I love you!