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Alex Quiroga, leader is the director of "Illusions broken," the first fiction film about the 11-M. In this interview, tells the story of how you used to touch a sensitive issue. Interviews with Alex Quiroga How began making films? From the hand of many friends: Alberto Esteban, Chema rivets, Vincent Mora, Andres Perez ... They were those who supported me in my first steps. I was determined to make movies, and they were left by my contagious enthusiasm and I avoided many obstacles that would otherwise have been insorteables. What was your training in the audiovisual field? I studied film in Argentina and Brazil, but I completed my training in the field, working as a television producer for TV Globo, Telefé, etc.. How did the idea of "Illusions 11M broken"? Everything came to root to read an article by Manuel Bocanegra, in the press of Cordoba. In the days following the attack my indignation was to many others, and that article by Manuel urged me to do something with this outrage. What is and what is proposed this trilogy of which it forms part? What are the other two films? In reality "Illusions broken" has a character different from the other two films, the issue of substance that originates, although shares elements with "It happened in Spain", "It happened in France" and "It happened in Mexico," on that reflects the life of ordinary people. My intention is to leave on the screen a testament to a reality that is not normally have access to films, despite being so many people who live every day. It is not movie-complaint nor a political film, but has implications in that direction, but explore territories of the reality that interest me. I make films I would like to see as a spectator. How long it took the realization of the film, since the gestation of the idea to have the film finished? Approximately one year, although it is hard to say because these things are not time. The film has an intrinsic time, it is not possible to calculate as in other industries. How was the process of realization? I am quite contrary to the atmosphere with hierarchical which often works in film. In addition, since these parameters do not perform well to serve my purpose. My movies no longer require us to work as a team, but as a collective, almost like family. "Illusions broken," is a film entirely fiction? Yes, why if we understand that all of creation and characters are not based on real people concrete. It is not a documentary. This is the first fiction film about the 11-M. I have also said that "broken Illusions" is my personal tribute and gratitude to this country. What was technical means? The film is entirely digital video recorded in high definition. It is a production of Alex Media Group, with support from Kinema Digital Productions Laya and collaboration Portal Latino. How many people made up the team? Around 40 people. In what budget available? Good question ... We will have to make accounts, someday! If Included in the budget every effort invested, is an overproduction. What was the hardest during the making of the film? Perhaps handle the issue of abuse without falling into clichés or be offensive. It seemed necessary, but difficult to treat. I wanted to convey the idea that it's never too late to find another life, that it is always best to start from scratch drag intolerable situations. As in the rest of the film, we have not based on specific cases, also out of respect for victims, victims of all kinds. How done promoting this work? With the collaboration Portal Latino, and other means to me are offering their support. Do you have signed any agreement with any distributor for the film is a commercial circuit? Does scheduled release date? Yes, we are in negotiations at this time. The scheduled release is September 2005. What directors have as a reference? Bigas Luna, Lars von Trier ... I see a lot of films but I am not under direct reference. I love to discover my own language. How do you see the picture of the current Spanish cinema? I think this is a very interesting time. The so brought and carried crisis may boost new roads. I think it is high time that the Spanish cinema copper more weight to the public in this country. People begin to express their interest in other messages, other languages and new media. All this will be increasingly perceived by the industry, and those who will collect the fruit before deciding to risk. What's your next project? "Emma". It is a thriller set in Spain at the present time. It is an incursion into the dark side of friendship, family relationships and sex. The players will be Teresa Hurtado of Ori, who was nominated as Best Actress in the last edition of Goya, and Laia Alemany, who has already worked with me "Illusions broken." Synopsis The theme recounts the lives and hopes of four people who live in Madrid. 8 months before the bombing to happen 11marzo, their lives, their illusions, like others, give a radical shift in their approaches, and to that end have been selected as members of this story of two women and one male, one of them that is devoted to household cleaning service, is a foreign woman who has come to Spain from Ecuador to get a job and help your family ... but is doing very well, until one day he proposed through a friend change jobs. Simultaneously combines work and begins to attend computer classes to overcome. Another character, is a student of theater that has gone through many casting without success, but one day, at last arrives, has a great opportunity, will make their role players in theatre. In this story, shows the eagerness of overcoming that has the couple to give it to the best of both director-tyrant who is willing to make life impossible for the young actor simply by whim. Lastly is disclosed to a housewife who was doomed to abuse by her husband and yearning to start a new life far from home, decided to leave and make the impossible possible and leave for home. During the decision is a young Spaniard named Rafa who was his companion college, and offers help. This realizes she is being harassed by her husband, until one day is forced to intervene between the two since watching as abusive, he defends. Since then is when she begins to maintain an affectionate relationship with Rafah, one in becoming the pillar of another, and as is well known for having this young, will try to overcome their conflict. And finally a Moroccan who comes to Spain, looking for an opportunity, a gift you can appreciate the desire to overcome this couple despite the setbacks that may arise seeking to legalize their status in Spain. What we most want to emphasize basic driver in history, is the presence of witness memory, not to forget what has happened, that longing never be repeated and why the events occurred, some as a reprisal for participation in a war that nobody wanted but infamous in which we were involved.