A Foul American A Foul American

A Foul American

Humanity has been wiped out. Animals rule the earth this time around, but President Rump is bound and determined to repeat history.

Years after American President Donald Trump has wiped out the human race, animals have evolved and inherited the earth. Unfortunately, history seems to be repeating itself... After the humans died, nuclear fallout evolved the remaining animals of earth into humanoids who have adopted the human culture. Governments are still intact and are run in many cases by the official animals of the respective countries. America for example is run by Eagles, except for of course President Rump, a chicken that claims to be an eagle, a fact no one seems to be willing to question. President Rump's approval rating drops with every breathe he takes. HE’s VILE, HE’s VULGAR, HE’S A VILLAIN. The traits that make him so despicable are the same traits that keep him in the news, he’s a media super star for all the wrong reasons, and the American public can't get enough. People ask if he’ll be an 8-year president, but we’ll be lucky to make it out alive in 4 years. A Foul American Indeed.