A Field of Flowers A Field of Flowers

A Field of Flowers

always loved you.

It was 1999. Will was summering on a Carnival Cruise ship, touring the islands of the West Indies. Jeff was the on-deck entertainment, catering mostly to an older crowd. He'd play a little Manilow, a little John Cougar Mellencamp, and then he'd let the DJ take it away and dance with the older women for tips into the wee hours of early evening. One night Jeff was performing at 730PM, which meant that the modified cafeteria he performed in had nary a soul save Will and the boat's first mate- Felipe. Jeff performed his set despite the lack of audience, and his determination and belief in entertainment's one true rule "The show must go on" inspired Will and Felipe to approach him. You see, Felipe felt the rhythmic patterns of the earth which was apparent in his conga drumming. And Will, well he tickled the ivories. Combining that with Jeff's general understanding of guitar, A Field of Flowers was born that day. Just Will, Jeff, and Felipe. Sadly, Felipe belonged to the sea and a duo was soon begot of the trio when he refused to leave the ship upon port. Whatever happened to Felipe? The world may never know...unless you friend him on Facebook, and then you will definitely know because the dude gives a new status update like every hour. Give it a rest, Felipe. Meanwhile, Jeff and Will are still going strong and have since added a new member, the ever-so-mysterious-and-quite-frankly-also-pretty-intimidating Gavin St. Cloüd. A Field of Flowers Get Un-deflowered.