Advice From HR - Improvised Comedy Advice From HR - Improvised Comedy

Advice From HR - Improvised Comedy

It's About Time Someone Told You The Truth: You're A Hot Mess

Unscripted, unpolished, and utterly insane. Improvised characters Mrs. Junie and her crazy sisters advise, misconstrue, and verbally castrate viewers in response to their questions. They'll set you straight, whether you're a feminist, a communist, or just a red-blooded American ass-grabber (bless your heart). Send your questions to or tweet to @AdviceFromHR. BE ADVISED that the performances you see in "Advice From HR" are completely improvised. There's no advance script, no pre-planning, and no rules.... Just a troubling look inside the imagination of actors. AFHR has the appearance that it was edited by a caveman. Mostly, because we just don't give a damn. To watch the extended version, outtakes, or other bonus features, go to FURTHERMORE, AFHR was created by American actress Danielle Langlois, who foolishly believes that she won't be held responsible for anything that comes out of her mouth when she's wearing a wig. Information about Danielle can be found by stalking her on the internet, or, if you're feeling super lazy, by going to