A Dog Named Pussie A Dog Named Pussie

A Dog Named Pussie

a cartoon about what?

So, one day I was in Las Vegas and while waiting to board a plane, I noticed this gorgeous babe with a beautiful dog to match. Everyone was mesmerized by her looks and of all things the passengers could ask, one goes “What do you think is the dog’s name?”. I blurted out “Well Pussie, of course” and the passengers burst laughing. Right after lift off, I was writing characters and scenes in my iPad and decided to recite the possible scenes out loud to my captive audience. Needless to say, they laughed their asses off and I immediately knew I was on to something. No, it’s not X rated, it’s TV-MA. I just wanted to use some words we all use on a daily basis with our friends and develop characters and situations around the Pug and the crazy South Beach scene. We tried very hard to offend as many people as we could in a funny way everybody could relate to. We hope you enjoy it and let us know what do you think of our pilot. It’s just a small taste of what’s coming!