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Adam Friedman

Adam Friedman (born Ray-Bob “Buddy” Slimpickens, Jr.) Was born in a small Appalachian village to a 13 year-old dairy-maid named Ophelia Butterheart, who was date-raped by the town’s mayor (Ray Bob “Billy” Slimpickens). Friedman’s mother gave him up on his 5th birthday when she realized that he still had no baby teeth. He roamed the hills for 2 years, teaching himself to make fire and washing his loin cloth in a nearby stream, until a pack of wild domesticated stray dogs adopted him and taught him “way of the wolf” (also the title of Friedman’s first self-help book). On the night of his 17th birthday, Friedman was discovered howling at the moon and licking his shoulder repeatedly by a lovely tourist couple from Boston, Massachusetts (personal injury attorney, Sheldon Friedman and his wife, Yenta Goldfarb-Friedman). They quickly took him in, bringing him back to Boston with them, changing his name and immediately enrolling him in the exclusive private school, Mount Saint Mount Academy, where Friedman learned to read and write at a freakishly slow rate. He would later be diagnosed with Dyslexia, Attention Deficit Disorder, Irritable Bowel Syndrome and Syphilis, only four of the many obstacles that Friedman would later overcome, going on to become one of the nation’s best-selling self-help gurus. Friedman’s big break came in 1997 when Oprah Winfrey discovered him at her 1st annual “Are You Oprah’s Next Choprah?” conference in Siberia, Russia. Winfrey signed Friedman to a $2 million book deal with an option to own his ass in syndication for the rest of his natural life. Naturally, Friedman agreed. Under Winfrey’s mentorship, Friedman penned several NY times best sellers, such as the critically acclaimed “So You’re Inbred. Get Over It.” and the celebrated “Go Tell It On The Mountain” which also became the official 7th grade textbook for the Mississippi public school system. When Friedman’s talk show, “Let’s Chat About You” debuted to the biggest ratings in television history, beating out such hits as the Academy Awards, American Idol, Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern and House Hunters International, Friedman became reclusive and non-responsive to his closest friends and colleagues. Friedman’s fall from grace was marked by a clear shift from his beloved writing style to a dark and ominous period. His later works, “Were you Raised in a Barn? I don’t Think So!” and “F*** You, Dairy Whore” sold less than 220 copies combined and Friedman’s loyal fans began to turn their backs on him. He began smoking heroine as a means of coping. Friedman’s talk show would soon be canceled during a live, televised drug intervention, (Harpo Productions) where police raided his Lincoln Park condo and officers of the Chicago PD admitted him into Cook County Hospital for a detox program while Oprah herself simultaneously informed him that his show was officially “off the air.” Now destitute (but 15 days sober!) Friedman has moved to Hollywood, CA, where he is trying to make sense of his life experiences by pursuing a career in comedy.