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We're comedians, filmmakers, and screenwriters with significant experience at all of those things, but yet no one seems to want to pay us for it... yet. In 2003 we created, wrote, and directed two episodes of a sitcom titled "Magic Phone." From 2004-2006 we wrote, acted, and directed sketch comedy for the web with comedy partner Curtis Retherford. In the summer of 2006 we both quit our jobs and wrote a sex comedy about the end of the world, titled "Last Chance." Four months later, we had to go get jobs again. P makes sandwiches and Adam edits videos of Pokemon. Don't tell our bosses, but we plan to quit again, and write another couple screenplays in the near future. We're going to be rich and famous. It's inevitable. But right now, we're just two prolific dudes creating funny sketches for YouTube, in the hopes that it'll make girls like us. We hope you enjoy. Check out our myspace page at