Alexander Charles Arzu Alexander Charles Arzu

Alexander Charles Arzu

Alexander is an accomplished actor at the tender age of 6. He's been principal in an award winning short film, several national commercials, two feature films and done print and video as well as one of the faces of Dr Sears nutritional products in Babies R Us nationwide. In his spare time, Alexander plays basketball, baseball, soccer and rides his Spiderman scooter at the park. He kicks butt in Guitar Hero on advanced levels often beating adult challengers at his neighborhood Dave & Buster's in Ontario, California, where he also holds many of the top scoring positions and is a local celebrity. He's a great dancer and enjoys playing Just Dance 1 & 2, and the Michael Jackson Experience on the Wii. He's also been taking guitar lessons since November 2009 at the age of 4. His full resume can be found on his imdb page at http//