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Who We Are

  • What is Funny Or Die?

    Funny Or Die is a leader in comedy entertainment, combining Hollywood artistry with Silicon Valley innovation to deliver cutting-edge content.

  • Fast & Fun

    We focus on building sites and apps that are fun, fast, scale and deliver a world-class entertainment experience.

  • Small & Agile

    The team is small and practices agile development, so you'll be an important decision maker when building out new products.

  • Passion for Building

    We are creative, analytical, out-of-the box thinkers hungry for a challenge and comfortable exchanging ideas.

  • Transparent

    Our team is built on open and honest communication so that we constantly are aware of what we are doing right, and where we can improve.

  • Scalable

    At Funny Or Die you have the opportunity to have a large impact on a growing, innovative team responsible for creating digital platforms that scale for millions of users.

What is Funny Or Die?