Nicole Nicole


I invented a new insult- Dick Butt

Abbybernie (my alias) is a merger of the names of two obese Labradors that I have back in NJ (well, Bernie has moved onto greener pastures). I stole this name-making tactic from Kevin Maguire aka RascalJack. I currently live in an apartment in NYC with my hilarious boyfriend Chris Brescia (and it's a good thing we like each other because our apartment is small...seriously). We like to make comedy shorts with our buddies and you can check them out at Kevin Maguire's page under RascalJack. My favorite Barbra Streisand quote is, "Is a nose with deviation such a crime against the nation?" It's from Funny Girl. I think meeting Cher, Babs, or Bette Midler would be the tops.