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Aaron Braxton

Multi-faceted Aaron Braxton’s career spans the genres of theatre, television, and film. As a writer and performer, Braxton’s solo play, Did You Do Your Homework? garnered several national and international awards including a 2010 International Romanian Gala Star, 2010 Gold Star “Roar of the Crowd,” and a 2010 NAACP National Theatre Award. Hailing from Roxbury, MA, Braxton makes his residence in Los Angeles, CA. A graduate of San Diego State University, he's an award winning teacher who has taught in the Los Angeles Unified School District for over 16 years. A true renaissance man, is also the author of the inspirational book, Did You Do Your Homework? Is Not Enough! (Seven Motivating Principles for the Comprehensive Success of Parents and Their Children) as well as several essays (Check out Aaron Braxton’s social commentary at http//aaronbraxtonssocialcommentary.blogspot.com), plays, television pilots, movie treatments and scripts. In addition he and has managed to star, guest star, or co-star in numerous film, television, and theatrical productions including Will to Live, CSIMiami, General Hospital, Days Of Our Lives, ER, The X-Files, Beverly Hills 90210, The Secret Life of Jeffrey Dahmer, Killer Cop and Hoover Park, to name a few.