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New Friend

Simon (Andrew Carter) is excited about the possibilities of a new friendship when he meets Corey (Michael Vlamis) on a hike. Written, Edited and Directed ...

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Grand Zero

A family man returns to his hometown to discover he's the last person in town who's not part of a legendary pyramid scheme. And everyone-- EVERYONE-- wants h...

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The Soccer Dance

A soccer coach is disappointed in his team when they fail to show off their dance moves at the Copa America.
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Law & Order: Soda Victims Unit

To Finish A Beverage. Subscribe -- Website -- Facebook -- Twitter -- http...
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Teresa and Alexis might have chosen the wrong day to mess with a complete stranger.

What's going on in this country, that anybody would elect me or even respect me.

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White Women's Workout

Comedian, Godfrey, plays Fitness Guru, Ty Bowman. Combining racial stereotypes with exercise techniques, Ty has created Southern Cali's latest workout craze...

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