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Back in 2011

Disney's Princess Ke$ha

An exclusive, sneak peak at the newest Disney movie; Disney's Princess Ke$ha. Watch as Princess Ke$ha gets a little help getting ready for her day as she sin...

I got your text about not bringing up your Mein Kampf tattoo so we're not gonna.

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Star Wars


These guys love those Starwars movies. "The Birthday Boys" Season 2 now available on Netflix.
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Star Wars

Star Wars Group Therapy

Star Wars fans are known to forcefully express their opinions on the famous film franchise, but a small subset must seek group therapy counseling for crippli...

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What is "Ming Moss" anyway? Watch The 2018 Rose Parade and find out! Only on Prime Video.
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Technology Problems

Jimmy gains problems as technology advances. Subscribe for new comedy sketches every Monday! Welcome to Life Accord...