82 South St. 82 South St.

82 South St.

In 1988, acting students Angie Bailey and Nicky Westbrook met at Florida School of the Arts, where they managed to annoy a fair amount of students and faculty with their inappropriate humor and incessant note-passing. Nearly 25 years later, and living in Minnesota and Texas (respectively), they now annoy their spouses and children with the same bizarro imagination and affinity toward cats, potty humor, and the stylings of 80's emo "rock god," Morrissey, who, by the way, openly can't stand airports, traffic signs, and people, in general. But he does like cats. A lot. That's a fact. Angie and Nicky decided to direct their unruly behavior into something productive. Thus, the gestation of 82 South St. began. 82 South St... An offbeat sketch comedy web series written, performed, and produced by writer/award-winning blogger, Angie Bailey and blogger/award-winning amateur video producer, Nicky Westbrook.