6 Days To Genius 6 Days To Genius

6 Days To Genius

A parody of the making of South Park

6Days to Genius is a very loose parody of 6 Days to Air: The Making of South Park. Set in 16Th Century Florence, it pairs Leonardo Da Vinci with South Park’s Matt Stone in a dysfunctional, co-dependent and highly unbalanced creative partnership. Leo finally reaches his breaking point when Stone takes equal credit for all of Da Vinci’s creative projects, and demands a revision to The Mona Lisa, which he thinks is pure crap. Da Vinci has a sudden epiphany and finally realizes that his partnership with Stone was born out of personal insecurity, which Stone has exploited for years. Ever the manipulator, Stone strikes back and threatens to publicly reveal Leo’s deepest, darkest secret in order to blackmail him into keeping the team together. Can the partnership survive? Can integrity prevail? Can two men share one man’s genius without driving each other crazy???