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4321 Films is a San Francisco-based independent production company that specializes in the horror/comedy genera. The company’s first two films, “Monsturd” and “RetarDEAD,” have received impressive reviews and are currently distributed around the world. Monsturd is available on NetFlix. RetarDEAD is available at Amazon and FilmBaby.com When the company’s founders (Dan West and Rick Popko) aren’t shooting features, they produce crazy, out-to-lunch sketch comedy shorts under the name "The Something Specials." Rick, Dan and their "Special" players have been shooting together for roughly 20 years. Some of the videos on this page go back fifteen years. Many of the sketches we’ve uploaded are fairly old... Before the invention of digital video cameras. So, if you think the quality is sketchy. That’s why. The tapes are analog and they’re hella old. We hope you enjoy them. Sincerely, Dan West and Rick Popko

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