12th Street "Twisted" 12th Street "Twisted"

12th Street "Twisted"

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#Check Out 12th Street "Twisted" on #DGMDistribution @12streetRecipe @dgm_ent #Download on #iTunes https://itun.es/i67m9tD - 12th Street is two Rap artist "Naeem" & "Jae Chaso" both from New York. As a group coming out with our first project we are just Artist having fun on the mic and bringing that New York City style of rap to our songs. We're something like "are sremmurd" or "Audio Push" of New York. Jae Chaso is a SongWriter/Singer/Rapper which allows him to be very creative with his music which leads him into being such a great hook master. Naeem (Nana) is a Songwriting/Rapper, His style is very New York/Chicago based. Instagram @12thstreet.recipe: https://www.instagram.com/12thstreet_recipe/?hl=en Youtube Twisted Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xfjlJvC0hiU&t=2s HotnewhipHop.com blog : hnhh.co/seigwt SoundCould: https://soundcloud.com/niggaeam_chaso_therecipe